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The FMEL Ambassadors


You’ve just arrived at an FMEL residence, you have a million things to do, and you need a helping hand to get started in your new life. The FMEL Ambassadors are at your service! These student tenants, selected on the basis of a dossier, are committed to making your life easier, whether it’s by helping you with administrative procedures, explaining how the residences work or giving you practical advice.

Their mission::

  • Welcoming and supporting students at the beginning of each semester
  • Raising awareness of the need to live together amicably and providing a pleasant place for all residents
  • Organising events to foster cohesion and give students the opportunity to meet
  • Mediating between tenants or with neighbours or caretakers
  • Representing the values of the FMEL: tolerance, mutual help, equality, sharing and living together amicably – all values that place the emphasis on people


If you too would like to be part of our ambassadorial team, feel free to go and meet them.

Housework or the secret pleasures of cleaning and tidying

Maybe you’re anxious about the deafening noise of the hoover. Or maybe you’ve never declared war on limescale. Or maybe you’re a champion at stacking dirty dishes and have an impressive collection of food scraps.

You can find all sorts of excuses for not doing the housework: “I’m revising for my exams”, “I can’t be bothered”, “someone else can do it”, etc. But it’s essential to take care of your room and the common areas. Not just for your own sake, but for the sake of your flatmates as well. This task is quite simply your responsibility. So put on your gloves and your headphones, take out your duster (see the definition in the dictionary), and imagine you’re the cleaning fairy come to get your flat all spick and span.


You’ll see: you’ll feel better afterwards. If the idea turns you off, realise that various scientific studies prove that regular cleaning acts as a kind of emotional release and reduces anxiety and stress. Some say that three hours of vigorous cleaning is the equivalent of three kilometres of jogging. So why deprive yourself! Cleaning also improves your memory and ability to concentrate. That should boost your studies!

Not a minute to lose! Experience for yourself the undeniable and undisputed virtues of cleaning and tidying. Go borrow a professional cleaning kit from your residence caretaker. They’ll be more than happy to advise you.<br>Discover your inner cleaning fairy!


One last thing: if you’re really interested, we have a great book tip on the subject: Anne DE CHALVRON, Apologie des petites corvées. Les plaisirs secrets du ménage. Editions Jean-Claude Lattès, 2012, 228 p.

Payment of the rent


As a tenant, your first obligation is to pay the monthly rent in advance, at the latest within 5 days of the invoice date. Each month an email with an e-bill and a QR-code will be sent to you. If for any reason you don’t receive your e-bill, please contact Finance and Accounting; but please check your spam folder first. You can also use the previous QR-code.

Important points:

  • Only use the monthly QR-code invoice. This enables us to process your payment automatically. You have two options for payment: transfer from a Swiss bank account (by scanning the QR-code with your bank application) or payment in cash or debit card at a post office using the QR-code. Please note that any bank charges must be charged to the customer.
  • To make your life easier we strongly recommend that you create a standing order by scanning the QR-code with your bank application. If you have questions about how to do it, please contact your e-banking hotline.
  • First Rent payment:
    • If arriving in your room within the first month after the beginning of your housing contract, please pay your rent payment only once you’ve opened a Swiss bank account
    • If arriving in your room more than 1 month after the beginning of your housing contract, please contact our finance department regarding payment on
  • Please note that payments by cheque, credit card, international money transfer, etc., are not accepted.
  • In case of payment without the use of the QR-code, we will be obliged to charge you an administration fee.

The FMEL team

Did you know there was a dedicated team working hard every day to make your stay as pleasant as possible? There are cleaners tending your residence, administrative managers to help you with your paperwork, caretakers always at hand to assist, and receptionists to listen and help: some sixty staff members united in a single team.


Visitor’s tax


In Switzerland, the visitor’s tax is set by the municipality and in most cases amounts to CHF 37 per month. It is not included in your rent. Students whose place of residence is abroad and who are staying in the canton of Vaud to attend a course are subject to the visitor’s tax. Students who receive a Swiss or foreign grant or scholarship or who have a secondary occupation where tax is deducted directly from their pay do not have to pay the visitor’s tax.

Radio and television licence fees

SERAFE is the body commissioned by the Federal Office of Communications to collect radio and television licence fees. The radio and television licence fee is a legal obligation for all private households in Switzerland, regardless of whether they own a device (television, radio, computer or smartphone). It currently amounts to CHF 335 per year per household. Whether students are subject to the fee depends on the type of accommodation. Please contact your admin manager on this matter.


Insurance coverage


The tenant’s personal belongings are insured for up to CHF 5,000 for fire and natural disasters (flooding) by the ECA (Etablissement Cantonal d’Assurance, the cantonal insurance institution). The FMEL’s burglary insurance covers private belongings up to a maximum of CHF 5,000. From the beginning of the lease and throughout its duration, FMEL tenants are covered by liability insurance for any damage that they may cause to third parties, to buildings or to outdoor spaces, all over Switzerland.

House rules

Applicable to houses and residences managed by the FMEL. With reference to Article 10 of the Statutes of the “FMEL Student Houses” (FMEL)


Internal Regulations


Application guidelines