I am a TENANT or a RETURNING TENANT and have problems connecting to the portal (first time log in)

  • Find the email containing the connection link, which was sent to you by the FMEL during the month of May
  • Click on the link and set up your user account using the SAME EMAIL ADDRESS as the one on which you’ve received the link
  • Wait for a second email with a second link – CHECK YOUR SPAM MAIL- IMPORTANT this link is limited in time. Please start the process again if you receive an error message.
  • Click on this new link and create your password
  • If you still have issues connecting contact us +41 21 617 81 54 as there may be an error in your details (ex. date of birth)

 I’m a TENANT and have already logged in to the portal but cannot connect anymore

  • Check that you are using the correct email address (the one you received the link on)
  • Please click on the button “login”, enter your login details and click on “login” and do not use the “Enter” button of your computer’s keyboard
  • Perhaps try a different browser

There are no rooms available for the dates I’ve selected

  • ALL free rooms will appear on the portal as they become available
  • Rooms will typically become available 2 months prior to the move-in date
  • If you don’t see any rooms on the portal for the date(s) you’ve chosen, please check again later
  • Available housing will be released on the portal Monday to Friday from 9:00am to 5:00pm

I have reserved a room but don’t know how to continue the process

  • Once you’ve created your booking please continue the process without delay
  • Once you’ve received an email confirming your tentative reservation, former information regarding payment of the deposit as well as other contractual documents for signature, will become available to you on the portal
  • Please continue the process untill the “Final validation” page
  • Once the bank deposit has been registered by the FMEL the booking is FINAL

I wish to cancel a booking

  • Please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • A cancellation fee may be charged and you will not be able to book another room at the FMEL for a penalty period. For more information, please see our cancellation policy here.

I have created several accounts and / or several bookings

  • Your name must match your ID or passport for your booking to be accepted
  • Please send an email toThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. stating which account should remain active
  • If our system detects several accounts with the same information or name, all accounts will be blocked automatically

I’m a student looking for a room to rent, what should I do ?

  • From 30th April 2019, the FMEL launched an online reservation system.This system will allow you to book your accommodation and to directly receive the lease agreement. Book now

Can I choose my room?

  • All eligible students will have the opportunity to choose their own room, studio or apartment according to certain criteria: budget, accommodation type, location, number of flatmates and bed size.

When will the registration for next semester open ?

  • There will no longer be any need in the future to register at a given date to obtain housing from FMEL. By creating a personal profile on the booking portal, you can at any time consult the available accommodation and book online.

How should I pay the rent ?

  • For all questions regarding the rent, please refer to our website, under tenant, living in homes, how to pay and the internal house rules, Art. 11.

Can I sub-rent my room ?

  • For all related questions about sub-renting, please refer to our website, section tenant, living in homes, house rules, Art. 3 Sub-renting and short – term stays. It is possible to rent a room/studio in summer (from June to mid-September) to another student. The tenant should email the house administrator to receive the sub-renting contract. The sub-renting must be approved before the starting period by FMEL and certain conditions must be met.

Can I move to another room ?

  • After one year of rental, you can request a room change. Only changes from room to studio are allowed. Please direct your request to your house manager, who will put you on the waiting list and inform you of the process.

I have to leave my accommodation, what do I need to do ?

  • According to your lease, you can terminate it for the 15th or the end of a month, with two-month's notice. To do so, please login to your account and go to "Terminations" to select the desired date to end your contract. You can find more information here. Please also refer to the house rules, Art. 12.

How will I get my deposit back ?

  • Once you have done the check-out, your house administrator will send you all the documents necessary for you to complete the formalities with the bank where you made your deposit. The deposit return can take several months.
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