Shared areas

  • house residents may use a small shaded area


  • 1 washing machine (prepaid card system – contact house manager) and 1 dryer (free of charge) per building.

Waste disposal:

Waste must be sorted as follows: (bins are located in building 46, ground floor) :

  • household waste
  • paper and cardboard
  • glass
  • PET
  • compost
  • for large objects, an official waste collection site can be found across the street

By systematically and properly sorting your waste, you contribute to protecting the environment.


  • there are no parking spaces available for house residents.


  • 2 closed-in bike parks are available to house residents only. They can be accessed by using the room key. Please ask the house manager for a tag for the bikes that will be parked in these two bike parks.

Cellars – storage:

  • there is no cellar area, but house residents have a storage area above the bookshelves to store large objects such as suitcases.

Room upkeep:

  • residents are responsible for cleaning the communal areas (kitchen, living room, bathrooms and corridors) regularly in each apartment. Each resident is also responsible for cleaning his/her own room/studio flat. To do so, brooms, dusters and a hoover can be borrowed from the house manager. (Periodic checks are made by FMEL staff).

Quiet hours and other house rules:

  • see our house rules
  • please respect neighbours and refrain from making noise outside (playing loud music, having discussions, throwing bottles into the container, slamming car doors, etc) after 10 p.m.

All above facts are for information purposes only and have no contractual value and are in no way binding.

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