Compulsory payment method for rent

Every month you will receive an e-mail with the attached e-bill for the monthly rent and the corresponding BVR (orange slip) in electronic format.
  • Rent or half-monthly rent must be paid in advance latest by the 5th of the month.
  • Payment exclusively by means of BVR (payment slips with reference number) via your Swiss bank account. We strongly recommend that you prepare a monthly standing order always using the same reference number, in order to avoid payment problems when staying abroad.
  • You can download your bank's online payment app to your mobile phone and pay your bills by scanning your payment slips. Check with your bank in Switzerland for information about their mobile banking service.
  • The rent amount received must be the exact amount as indicated on the payment slip. Bank charges must therefore be charged exclusively to the originator (yourself).
  • Payments by bank transfer are exceptionally accepted only for people not authorized to open a Swiss account due to their nationality. Again, when making the payment make sure that bank fees are charged exclusively to the originator (yourself).
  • A cash payment at the post office using a BVR is also possible.

First rent (if arrival date after the due date of the invoice):
If you are still abroad when the first invoice is due, please wait until you have arrived in Switzerland and have opened an account to make the payment. Disregard the reminder sent automatically by the system.

N.B. Payment in cash at our offices at the Vortex will only be accepted for small amounts under CHF200 (rental differences, small damages, etc.).

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